Well here is a sneak peek at the surgery i will be having April 28th, Apparently hernia repair is very routine and i should be up and around soon after but with no heavy lifting for a few weeks... I'm afraid this will cause one of our rare if ever cancellations... our gig at Fresh was scheduled  for May 2nd and we will reschedule it ASAP. 
so rest and recovery then ... Republic Ice House, Tyler, May 30th...   if you missed the last show at Dick's Cajun grill let me just say this.....

All i can is WOW what a night., it would've tested your pateince my friends What can you say about a gig that we were expected to play outdoors at, during a thunderstorm? this night saw,performance delays due to , having to change sound systems, and stages,  rain, mud, hail, tornado warnings and sirens, saxman Sean Fuller's truck get hopelessly stuck in the mud during the downpour, a bar customer that evening, Johnny Stanley, who insisted from the minute we arrived that he will play guitar for us  and.... the single largest bar fight i've ever seen... Exhausted, in pain and nervous due to my upcoming hernia surgery, I soldiered on.  Accompanied by our friend and substitute drummer for the evening Mike Henderson, Sean, Ben and a little liquid courage the guys found at the bar in the form a Cinnamon flavored whiskey  we turned it all around  made a few new friends and ... by the end of the night they were dancing to soul classics like " when a man loves a woman","I Feel Good" and the dance floor packed out for the urban soul ballad. "I'd rather go blind"  in spite of all the obstacles i had an exceptionally good time, all in all it was one hell of a rock n roll show,
thanks evabody!